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G60 - drinking water vending machine
Performance is 60 liters per hour, or 1440 liters per day.
A machine with a built-in reverse osmosis system. Designed for medium points with a consumption of 300-600 liters per day.
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GM200 - milk vending machine
The productivity of the milking machine is 120 liters per hour.
Machine with built-in cooling system, temperature 4°C, refrigerant R404A/R507A. Designed for medium points with a consumption of 300-400 liters per day.
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FP2 - locker vending system
FP2 has high profitability and the ability to work in various climatic conditions (even down to -30°C). The basic model of the FP2 machine contains three types of cells S, M, L. The sizes of which are suitable for different volumes of items.
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About Us
GWater is a leader in the production of commercial vending equipment in Ukraine. More than 7 years of experience as a machine manufacturer.

Our own full production cycle of vending machines, our own software and control controllers allow us to quickly respond to market trends. Our vending machines are autonomous and controlled completely remotely in the online management system WaterCRM.

We have done our best to establish ourselves as a reliable supplier of vending machines. Join our team, more than 260 partners and 1100 vending machines in Ukraine and the world. The choice is yours!
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